Investor in the Energy Transition

Founded in 2007, Aqua is an investor specialized in the renewable energy and the environmental goods and services industries.


We believe the market for environmental goods and services is comparable to the booming technology industry a decade ago, as evidenced by key indicators:

  • Key market-price signals
    The continuing price-decrease of key technologies such as photovoltaic panels, LEDs or energy storage speeds up market penetration.
  • An expanding market
    Diversification of environmental goods and services such as construction, transport and storage, health issues, food and agriculture clearly points to an expanding market.
  • Growing Awareness
    Environmental issues and Corporate Social Responsibility are becoming strategic topics within large corporations as well as critical points of public sector tenders.

A business partner

Aqua is both an investor and a business partner. Our team works in close collaboration with portfolio companies to help them formulate and implement strategy.

We invest in companies with at least a little bit of a track record: a proven idea and a strong potential for growth. In order to strengthen market position, we provide strategic, financial, legal, technical and industry knowledge. Making our resources available also ensures quality reaches our companies’ customers and network – allowing for some substantial added value synergies.

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Investment priorities

Aqua invests in companies which can demonstrate:

  • A direct link to renewable energy and environmental goods and services.
    Aqua’s portfolio focuses on clean energy and environmental goods and services. We work alongside private and public sector stakeholders towards a sustainable and economically viable energy transition. Aqua is centred on the French ecosystem.
  • A proven business model
    Aqua focuses on companies which have started proving themselves by generating income. Aqua’s participations aim to accelerate growth and optimize return.
  • Proven technologies
    We invest in environmental services and industries that are based on tested technology. Aqua’s stakes aim to accelerate commercial deployment of these technologies.


Aqua holds participations in five companies:

  • Evergaz, a biogas production company
  • Valboval, a wood pellet manufacturing company
  • Dusart-Barbet, a tree pruning and landscaping company
  • AQUA Advisory, a renewable energy investment advisory firm
  • Francenergies, a company specializing in the energy efficiency of buildings