Transforming waste into clean energy

Evergaz opted for an active role in the biogas energy production cycle by building and operating its own power plants.

The company was founded in 2008 and is leading the development of biogas production in France. Its activity is organized around three areas of specialization: project engineering, project development, and long-term biogas power plant operation and ownership.

Expertise strengthened by operational experience

By combining roles as investor and plant operator, Evergaz has managed to develop a unique position where operational experience informs strategy and future project development. From development phase to biogas plant operation, the value of the service Evergaz offers to entrepreneurs is therefore maximized.

Leading Technical expertise

Ledjo Energie is Evergaz’s engineering sister company. Ledjo Energie offers its engineering and advisory services to biogas entrepreneurial projects and has experience with both private and public sector projects. Ledjo Energie has considerable professional expertise which covers all facets of biogas projects (technical, financial, regulatory and social) but keeps a pragmatic approach to project development and management.


Evergaz has no tie to any equipment manufacturer or construction company. It can therefore offer the utmost integrity when helping with supplier selection and tender application to fully comply with each project’s specific demands.

Keeping it local

Evergaz makes it a point to keep all of its business relationships local, whether industrial, agricultural or political. Evergaz ensures each biogas project fits in to local life and best serves communities.

Key data
  • 3 biogas plants in operation
  • 1 biogas plant under construction
  • Target : 20 biogas plants in 2020
  • 20 employees
  • 20 million euros invested so far

Feasibility and Studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management assistance
  • Supply planning
  • Prime contractor selection
  • Contract management
  • Environmental analysis
  • Compliance auditing
  • Assistance with operations

Project development
  • Administrative engineering
  • Financial engineering
  • Legal and regulatory assistance
  • Securing funding
  • Insurance application support
  • Local awareness and project approval
  • Stakeholder relations

Biogas unit
operational investor
  • Equity investor
  • Biogas power plant operator
  • Preventive unit maintenance
  • Operations optimization
  • Supply Management
  • Industrial performance

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